For those in the flood areas

Brisbane people had some better news overnight.

The Brisbane River has peaked below five metres, but authorities are still warning there will be widespread devastation.

Police say the river reached 4.6 metres – almost a metre lower than the historic flood of 1974 – and will remain at major flood levels until sometime tomorrow.

Floodwaters, however, have still inundated dozens of suburbs and turned the centre of the Queensland capital into a ghost town.

More than 25,000 homes have been totally or partially flooded in Brisbane. Initial assessments based on the 4.6-metre peak will mean 11,500 residential homes have been fully flooded.

The worst-hit suburbs are Brisbane City, St Lucia, West End, Rocklea and Graceville, while 116,000 homes across south-east Queensland are without power.

Given the amount of water has been greater, it would seem that the Wivenhoe Dam has pretty much done well.

My photo blog is a City Daily Photo blog. I thought today I would look at others in that group who live in the worst affected areas.

1. Daily Brisbane Photo


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3 Clarence Valley Today (NSW)


Thanks to those bloggers. Our thoughts are with you and all those affected.