Overdue: my photo blog’s birthday — 2

By October 2008 I was beginning to experiment a little, and also finding no lack of subjects around inner Sydney, Redfern and Surry Hills. THIS blog, of course, took over in November 2008.


Belvoir Theatre, Surry Hills, early morning


My friend Sirdan 19 October 2008: “Sirdan and I again had Sunday lunch in our very favourite Chinese restaurant” – Chinese Whisper on Crown Street, no longer there.


How can we complain? Here we are on Sunday 19 October 2008, and the weather is gorgeous, as you can see in Ward Park…

Overdue: my photo blog’s birthday — 1

I missed it because my photo blog began as a part of the now archival only Ninglun’s Specials – “Ninglun” being Mandarin for “Neil” and originally a ploy to keep my blog anonymous. On the Internet from 2000 on I was Wu Ninglun.

Thanks to Sirdan…

14SEP 2008

I’ve just been given a digital camera. As soon as I have mastered it, you can expect some original content here. I see so many photogenic subjects every day! :)

Are you getting used to the new layout here?

Here are some of the first photos I took with that camera, reworked for this post.


In Belvoir Street, Surry Hills, September 2008



Haymarket, near Central Station, September 2008. The tram was taken from the window of the place where I did my English tutoring at the time.