Overdue: my photo blog’s birthday — 2

By October 2008 I was beginning to experiment a little, and also finding no lack of subjects around inner Sydney, Redfern and Surry Hills. THIS blog, of course, took over in November 2008.


Belvoir Theatre, Surry Hills, early morning


My friend Sirdan 19 October 2008: “Sirdan and I again had Sunday lunch in our very favourite Chinese restaurant” – Chinese Whisper on Crown Street, no longer there.


How can we complain? Here we are on Sunday 19 October 2008, and the weather is gorgeous, as you can see in Ward Park…

Old Illawarra: mystery scans from my family archives


Definitely the Wollongong coast from (probably) Sublime Point. But when? Around 1950?


Near Kiama c. 1950?


Could be Milton? Could be in Kiama/Shellharbour area? Between 1930 and 1950!

Could it be the backyard of the Headmaster’s house in Shellharbour c 1933?

One year ago — November 2008

First, this is just to prove that I have been nurturing the plants M put in last Thursday…

thu06 001

… and then, it is amazing how the tree has grown lately…

thu06 002

… as the neighbours go about their business…

thu06 003

… and up the road…

thu06 004

… yes, it is a bit overgrown around here, isn’t it?

Original photos by Neil Whitfield 2008

Tomorrow I’ll show you what it’s like now…