Train to Kiama and back – 10 — walking from the station






Kiama has some wonderful older public buildings. Photo 4 above is Kiama Presbyterian Church (1863).  We’ll look at some other buildings over the next few days. Meanwhile, visit and enjoy the excellent Kiamalocalhistory’s Weblog.


Train to Kiama and back–9 — arriving


After Bombo the line enters a single track tunnel and emerges at around 3 above. The photos at 3 and 4 were taken in the afternoon on the way back to Wollongong but I have sequenced them to fit arrival from Wollongong.

1. Bombo (Kiama) Cemetery from the morning train.


2. Kiama seen soon before entering the tunnel.


3. Emerging from the tunnel.


4. Crossing the main street into Kiama Station


Train to Kiama and back–7 — Minnamurra

Now here is another place that has changed, though these photos focus on what hasn’t changed so much. Fact is though that what was comparatively unspoiled in 1970, when a colleague from Dapto High lived by the river in Minnamurra where there were some great parties held and skinny sipping feasible, is very much suburban as “Kiama Downs”. Between Minnamurra and Kiama the railway runs very close to the sea.



Minnamurra River


Golf course


The Tasman Sea

Train to Kiama and back: 1

On Monday 13 August I took the train from Wollongong down south to Kiama – around 40-45 minutes. See Excursion to Kiama today. This begins a series on that very picturesque journey, one of the joys of this area.


Mount Kembla through the window as we pass through Unanderra.


The destination – taken in the afternoon on the way back.


View from the train window as it crosses the main street in Kiama before entering a tunnel and emerging to…


Bombo Beach from the Wollongong-bound afternoon train.

Shellharbour 1 — progress (?)

This post is also my theme month entry for January.

As you may see on My Second Decade I have a 60+ years association with Shellharbour, 120+ years in terms of the family. Here is Shellharbour as I remember it from childhood.

Shellharbour c.1950

Here it is today:

Shellharbour 5 January 2009

I'll tell you more about the pool in the next post.

Historical photographs of Shellharbour are from the magnificent Shellharbour Images Collection.

Saddleback: northern lookout

Kiama Local History tells us there was a radar station on top of the Saddleback during World War II. Today as you cross from the southern to the northern lookouts the most obvious feature is an array of very large radio and mobile phone repeater stations.

The Doover on Saddleback -- World War II

Sirdan checking the view to the north and east

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