À la recherche du temps perdu — 14— Sutherland Federation Style

So much has been lost to home units, but these remain in Flora Street.




The last two are especially interesting to me.


During World War II that house in Flora Street was where my Uncle Eric, Aunt Gwen and family lived. There is an old ham radio station in the backyard – it’s on the left in the bottom photo of the house. The call sign is still visible, though painted over. In the early 1940s family shot we have John Christison, my uncle Eric Christison, my great-grandmother Sophia Jane Christison, my grandfather Roy, my brother Ian.

À la recherche du temps perdu — 12 — some churches


Sutherland Uniting Church, formerly Methodist. My brother was married here in 1955 and, I realised when attending my Uncle Roy’s funeral, I hadn’t been inside this church since then.


Sutherland Presbyterian Church and manse. I was an elder here  at the age of 21, and Sunday School Superintendent. In the mid 1960s exciting events occurred in this church, the congregation mostly leaving to form the Presbyterian Reformed Church. At that time I resigned. See my 2008 post Uncertain dogma, The Shire, and related musings. See also this search for Calvin.

À la recherche du temps perdu — 4

Some details of 61 Auburn Street, Sutherland. The window glass today seems the same as it was 60-70 years ago.




This must be 1944, possibly 1945. It’s the front yard at 61 Auburn Street. I was born in July 1943. If I am older than 6 months but younger than 18 months in this photo then it’s 1944.

Left to right: Ian Whitfield, Neil Whitfield (me), Jeanette Whitfield