The Bates Motel Buddha: Year of the Rabbit

Chinese New Year next week. Year of the Rabbit

Come along to the Nan Tien Temple for their annual Chinese New Year Cultural Festival.

That’s a Wollongong event. For Sydney see this list.


The painting celebrates the Year of the Goat/Sheep – my year. It is a real treasure, given to me by a Chinese-born student some years back.

Glebe Point Road 10

I’ll take the opportunity to note some innovations here. The template is now settled, and (using PhotoFiltre and Live Writer in tandem) the photo framing. My watermark has changed. Most important, there is now a Twitter widget specially for the two photo blogs. This will keep you up to date on what is happening on them.

Now back to the start of Glebe Point Road where I found some juxtapositions that appealed to me.

glebe 002

glebe 002a