Apocalyptic at The Bates Motel and Yum Yum Cafe!

See also my post Bushfire warning on my other blog last night.  We have today conditions the Rural Fire Service calls CATASTROPHIC.

The classification was introduced after Victoria’s Black Saturday fires in 2009 and is the highest risk rating the RFS issues.

According to the RFS it means that any bushfire that starts has the potential to cause significant loss of life and destroy many homes.

The RFS advises residents to:

– Check your bush fire survival plan – now.

– Monitor the fire and weather situation in any way you can: through www.rfs.nsw.gov.au and www.bom.gov.au, or the media.

– Call triple zero if you see a fire.

The RFS also advises that if you are in an area of catastrophic fire danger

– Leaving is the safest option for your survival – finalise your options for relocation

– The NSW Rural Fire Service recommends that you leave the night before.

– Prepare to leave – check your bush fire emergency kit.

I received three warning SMSes from the RFS between 10 and 11 last night, and a friend in Figtree had 5 plus a phone call. Jim Belshaw questions the level of hysteria involved, and I do think he has a point. That is not to minimise the danger, but it could be the word CATASTROPHIC is overkill – especially before the event.


From my window last night



This morning – checking out the suitably apocalyptic sky on my way to the Yum Yum Cafe.