The Illawarra Brewery–and pioneer cemetery!

A favourite of mine. I never tire of this view – it has been on this blog a lot in the last couple of years! But if you lived down here, you wouldn’t tire of it either! And then there is the beer…

…Illawarra Brewing Company (IBC) operations manager Dave McGrath says there has been a long transformation process since he and his father, Garry, took over there three years ago.

“We’re still in a constant transition of out with the old and in with the new,” Mr McGrath said. “We’re only now getting to the point where we’ve got the decor the way that we want it.”

The main motivation for the revamp is to make the most of the Tasman Sea views, which bring a lot of customers down to the brewery over summer.

“The plan has always been to capitalise on the location and better utilisation of the terrace area,” Mr McGrath said. “I feel that we’ve done that now with the different seating configurations and the timbers.”

Another aim is to make it “the home of craft beer in Wollongong”. The bar already offers at least seven IBC beers on tap as well as three or four swinging taps for other breweries’ beers. But the plan is to double the number of taps – to 20 – so that beer lovers will be spoiled for choice….




And the cemetery? See my 2011 posts Pioneers: Wollongong’s Old Roman Catholic Cemetery — 1, Pioneers: Wollongong’s Old Roman Catholic Cemetery — 2, Pioneers: Wollongong’s Old Roman Catholic Cemetery — 3.