Church Street Wollongong–St Michael’s and Court precinct — 1

This series was taken in July 2012.


Looking towards Mount Keira


Court House


1892 – Wollongong Library collection


NOTE: This Court House was built in 1886.

Year Built: 1886

Current Use of Building: Court House

Level of Courts: State/Provincial

Architect: James Barnett Colonial Architect

Dates this building was used to house judicial proceedings: 1886 to present

That limits the last photo to being no older than 1886 – I had thought it older. I note the gas light. I see here that gas street lighting in Wollongong dates from 1883. The light seems to be on the corner of Crown and Church Streets so this is looking up the hill towards the Court House and St Michael’s.  Here is a grab from a video I made last September  when Jack Vidgen was in Wollongong. It’s the same spot, pretty much.


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