From Geard’s Hill — 1

Took advantage of the TIGS Fete to take some photos from inside the school grounds on Geard’s Hill – where there was still a surviving farmhouse when I was working at the school in the early 1970s.




Here is a bit of history I found (PDF there).

Other grants at and near to the town of Wollongong were as follows:
Surgeon John Osborne, R.N., 640 acres, granted by Governor Darling in 1831 and called “Glen Gosh”. This grant embraces the two properties for long known  as “Mangerton” and “Garden Hill”. The suburbs of Wollongong now extend over  part, if not the whole of the land.
Charles Throsby Smith, 300 acres, called by him “Bustle Hill”. The grant for this  land was issued to Mr Smith by Governor Bourke in 1835, but the land had been  occupied by Mr Smith for many years before that, under a promise of grant to  him by Governor Macquarie. The Town of Wollongong has now extended over  the whole of this property.
Rachel  Moore  White,  280  acres,  south  of  John  Osborne’s  grant,  and  now embraced in the southern suburb of Wollongong, called Coniston.
Frederick Jones, 100 acres, situated between the grants to Rachel Moore White and Jemima Waldron.
Robert Anderson, 200 acres, granted 1 January 1827, includes the land now embraced in Stuart Park.