Spam commenter’s lovely comment…

Just before I consign “Tawatch Movieseu” to the dustbin, let me quote him/her/it:

What a awesome site. My Mom let me know of this blog and I think it will turn into a weekly read for me! Thanks for the nice post.

How sweet, even for a bot! But only weekly? Shame!

Waterloo/Redfern back lane

Rustic, even…

Cooler yesterday — a bit

On Monday night the temperature stayed up to 26C, just a touch short of the hottest February night ever in Sydney.

Here are various cool or cooler people in Eddy Avenue and Belmore Park.

This guy is hot or cool, depending on your viewpoint. Me, I'm just envious!

Indian student -- well probably on both counts...

Of course I am more this vintage than I am either of the above.