Volcanic eruption in Australia ‘3000 years overdue’!

Thought that might worry you into viewing this post. 🙂

I’ve mentioned the volcanic rock formations in earlier posts this past week. According to this:

Approximately 260 million years ago, in the Permian age this area was part of a massive volcano that had its origin some 40km SE of Jervis Bay. The resulting flows make up an area of the south coast that geologists often refer to as the ‘Gerringong Volcanics’.

The blowhole latite (Igneous rocks which are formed by solidification of cooled volcanic rock) is the oldest of several flows that comprise this area. Other features in the area include the Wandrawandian Tuffs (sth of Nowra), Saddleback Mountain and north towards Bombo headland.

The latite which makes up this headland has many flow features evident including flow banding, parallelism of crystals and elongated vesicles (spherical cavities in the rock). The rock is also strongly jointed with the shore platform being a mosaic of regular five to eight sided blocks.

Kiama district and Saddleback Mountain

Sirdan and I went up the mountain after lunch on Tuesday. One thing I can tell you from experience is that very occasionally it snows on Saddleback.

Sirdan checking out the south lookout, Saddleback

view from the south lookout

2 thoughts on “Volcanic eruption in Australia ‘3000 years overdue’!

  1. What is the chance of the Gerringong Volcanics at Saddleback mountain or else where close becoming active after millions of years?
    And what are the signs of Volcanics becoming active after so long been dead?


  2. Very little chance, I’d say. However, check the article linked to “that” in the first line of the post.

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