Surry Hills July 22: 2 — detail from the Northcott mosaics

The Northcott is Surry Hills’s biggest public housing estate. For more on the mosaics see Surry Hills 52: the Northcott mosaics.

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5 thoughts on “Surry Hills July 22: 2 — detail from the Northcott mosaics

  1. This is fantastic! Especially considering that it's in a public housing estate, I think it's really wonderful.

  2. This is simply lovely! Sadly in my country we don't really do that. Graffitti artists are also regarded as trouble makers =(

  3. Wow, that hand mosaic is gorgeous! I am fascinated by the use of quite different sizes and shapes of tiles. Most mosaics I've seen use tiles that are more similar to each other.

  4. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. Artists designed the mosaic using Aboriginal motifs. Local people from the estate helped with the installation.

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