Glebe Point Road 6: Glebe Public School

My great-uncle Horace Martin was principal here at one time, if memory serves. He’s not mentioned on the history page of the school, but it is nonetheless excellent. The Saturday Glebe Markets – my friend M once had a stall there selling jeans – is held in the school grounds.

glebe 015


2 thoughts on “Glebe Point Road 6: Glebe Public School

  1. That is an interesting fence. I took a photo of it and then could not work out what to do with it!! Duh …

    The most annoying thing about the GM is the pedestrian crossing over GPR … they just dawdle like a row of ducklings … argh!

  2. I rather like the rainbow fence, but would have liked to do more around Glebe PS. Didn’t have the time, so I continued on up Glebe Point Road. Another day perhaps.

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