Summer will come again

This was taken in Surry Hills on 4 January 2009. Not the weather for this now!

jan04 006a

Glebe Point Road 7

In late 1983 teaching and I separated for a while. After a time of contemplation I found work in a bookshop in Glebe, Harkers. It is no longer there and the only internet mention I can find is on my own English/ESL site. In 1984 it also became Liberal Party headquarters for the Sydney electorate in the Australian election. I used to field phone calls as well as sell books. “Peacock here!” was not uncommon. The following year the member for Bennelong became Liberal Party leader. The (unsuccessful) candidate for Sydney was very unimpressed by him. I won’t say what he called him, except that it was alliterative around the letter F, but many of us shared that view a dozen or so years later.

This was the shop. Doesn’t seem to be a lucky place really. I did enjoy that year though. Next door used to be an actors’ agency; the proprietor was the real life wife of “Alf” from Home and Away.

glebe 017

I started an English Teachers Book Club there. It was actually quite successful and migrated to Gleebooks, under the management of University of Sydney academic Ken Watson as a branch of his St Clair Press, when Harkers closed.