This, or this?

See the two templates over the fold.

black template -- usually pic on title banner

black template -- usually pic on title banner

white template

white template

Notice too we now have RATINGS. 🙂


7 thoughts on “This, or this?

  1. If you were very quick, you would have just seen both templates appear one after the other! I am still thinking about it. The white is less crowded and seems to download faster; the black somehow enhances the photos. I think…

  2. You could adjust your template and put a 3px black frame around your images to serve the same purpose as an entirely black background, I would go with the quicker download personally.

  3. Yeah … that might be okay … or if you have time there is a program called Picnik that puts a cool frame around an image before you upload it. Bloody fiddly is all …

  4. I put a 4px black frame around the Badde Manors one, courtesy of Photofiltre, and can do other frames though I want to keep it simple.

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