Winter light 32: CBD from St Johns Road Glebe

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glebe 029

The Emerald City… (You may have noticed the comment here.)  “David Williamson (Whose brother-in-law wrote the Oz-inspired musical Oz) wrote a play in 1987 called Emerald City. The term is used as a metaphor by the character Elaine Ross, describing Sydney as ‘the Emerald City of Oz’, where people go expecting their dreams to be fulfilled, only to end up with superficial substitutes and broken dreams.” – Wikipedia


Glebe Point Road 2 — 150th anniversary of the creation of Glebe as a municipality

Glebe came into existence in 1790 as a land grant to the First Fleet chaplain, Richard Johnson. Johnson, an evangelical, was not exactly a favourite in the colony and cynics say the grant placed him as far away as possible on land that was deemed fairly useless. Hence the name, however, as ‘glebe’ is church land. The anniversary referred to above is of the area gaining local government – which it no longer has, being part of the City of Sydney and before that, when I first lived there, of Leichhardt Municipality. The fountain you saw yesterday marks the 1909 anniversary.

glebe 010

“Glebe was originally inhabited by the Cadigal clan which occupied a territory that embraced Sydney Cove and stretched along the southern side of Port Jackson from South Head to about Petersham. As Sydney Town expanded, Glebe’s aboriginal population dwindled and no evidence of the Cadigal’s presence is found in modern Glebe.” – Glebe Society.