Joy in Belmore Park – 3.30 pm today

0807 016

0807 015a

0807 018


5 thoughts on “Joy in Belmore Park – 3.30 pm today

  1. Have a bone to pick about one of your labels: “not ugly”. Pigeons is ugly! Seagulls are not ugly. Belmore Park is not ugly: it is a people’s park, like Redfern. I like that underpass just near the Federal Police building: althought their cars are not not-ugly.

    Pigeons are ugly. Did I tell you how much pigeons give me the creeps, sitting up their on wires pooping all over the place!

  2. @ Leif Hagen: I’ve seen him in the park before.

    @ Julie: Not a great pigeon fan either, or a mynah fan if it comes to that. But the scene is not ugly, and the guy’s pleasure is priceless. 🙂

  3. Pigeons and mynahs are definitely ugly. Belmore Park is a lot less ugly than it used to be when I worked down that way in the 80s.

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