2009 in order: October – December

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October 2009

1 October: Haymarket – it’s spring again. 2 October: Theme month: contrast. 3 October: Been photoblogging for a year now…. 4 October: Been photoblogging for a year now… 2. 5 October: Devonshire Street Sunday – blue gumboots. 6 October: Been photoblogging for a year now… 3. 7 October: Much ado in the neighbourhood. 8 October: Travelling to Central. 9 October: More trains! 10 October: Another photo of the Hay/Pitt crossing in Haymarket!

sundaystpeters 014 017

Two from 1-10 October

11 October: Asia-Australia Arts Centre, Haymarket. 12 October: I love details like this. 13 October: Sunday afternoon in Redfern. 14 October: Mind your manners! 15 October: That was fast! 16 October: In Taylor Square 15 October 9.30 am. 17 October: Walking the dog – Taylor Square 15 October 9.30 am.

18 October: Glorious spring day – Central Station. 19 October: Posting after some difficulty. 20 October: Framed. 21 October: Older terrace Bourke Street near Taylor Square. 22 October: And the building next door is…. 23 October: On the way to M’s place…. 24 October: So colourful!

25 October: Spring in Haymarket: joy! 26 October: Aunty Beryl and the Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality Training College Darlington. 27 October: Eucalyptus blossoms, Redfern. 28 October: Redfern street – love the trees at this time of year. 29 October: Love the little streets and lanes. 30 October: Jacaranda at Central Station. 31 October: Afternoon spring light Belmore Park.

CIMG3474 CIMG3505

Two from 11 – 31 October

November 2009

1 November: Spring passing parade 1 – Chalmers Street Central Station. 2 November: Spring passing parade 2 – Central Station country platforms. 3 November: Yaama Dhiyaan Redfern. 4 November: When I’ve run out of new photos… 6 November: One year ago — November 2008. 7 November: The balcony now.

8 November: When the train becomes a bus. 9 November: Will they last another summer? 10 November: Afternoon spring light. 11 November: Belmore Park contrasts. 12 November: Hot spring day – Surry Hills Library. 13 November: Australian Opera Centre Surry Hills. 14 November: Spring – simple image.

15 November: East Redfern jacarandas. 16 November: Sunday afternoon Ward Park, Surry Hills. 17 November: Schoolgirls hastening. 18 November: Fill in the blank. 19 November: Prince Alfred Park redevelopment. 20 November: Heat. 21 November: The reader.

CIMG3564 CIMG3605

Two from 1 – 21 November

22 November: New Saturday fair in Belmore Park. 23 November: The Christmas banners are up again! 24 November: Saturday fair, Belmore Park. 25 November: Trees, Redfern Park. 26 November: Enjoying Belmore Park — Wednesday. 27 November: We call them November lilies. 28 November: Georgian graciousness, Albion Street.

29 November: More Georgian grace. 30 November: New skate facility in Ward Park Surry Hills.

CIMG3651 CIMG3641

Two from 22 – 30 November

December 2009

1 December: New basketball hoop, Ward Park. 2 December: The Dalai Lama is in town. 3 December: Eddy Avenue, Central Station. 4 December: Another Belmore Park sitter. 5 December: Not (I hope) a creepy stalker pic.

6 December: Prince Alfred Park and Central clock tower. 7 December: December theme: waiting – a four pic post. 8 December: At the mall – Surry Hills. Shopping Village. 9 December: Help yourself! 10 December: Still at Surry Hills Shopping Village. 11 December: Still at Surry Hills Shopping Village. 12 December: Feel the heat: Surry Hills passing parade, Cleveland Street.

13 December: Architectural detail Crown Street. 14 December: Looking east from Waterloo. 15 December: From Waterloo – looking north. 16 December: Cottage with sheltered front yard. 17 December: Morning walker: Crown Street. 18 December: Morning coffee, Crown Street. 19 December: Just off Crown Street.

CIMG3655 CIMG3657

Two from 1-19 December

20 December: Crown Street – towards Taylor Square. 21 December: Summer morning. 22 December: most popular posts in 2009: 1. 23 December: most popular posts in 2009: 2. 24 December: most popular posts in 2009: 3; little cleveland street, 2pm 23 december. 25 December: most popular posts in 2009: 4. 26 December: most popular posts in 2009: 5; Christmas Day South Sydney Uniting Church. 27 December: most popular posts of 2009: 7 — light, texture, architecture: surry hills. 28 December: most popular posts in 2009: 8 — #3 in rank from the top!

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